How to Register

The process of registering your biobank involves three steps.
  1. Go to the Sign Up page. Create an online account by providing an email and password to be used as your account login details.
  2. Fill in a 15 question registration form to provide an overview about your biospecimen collection. Click here if you wish to see this list of questions before completing in the online registration form. It will take 10 minutes to complete the form.
  3. Complete the education module* and then download the record of completion.

* The education module provides comprehensive information about handling research biospecimens. The module is presented in a self-paced format. This means that it can really take as short or as long as you want. You may feel that you are already knowledgeable about biobanking and just want to skim it and stop on one or two sections that are new to you, or you may feel you want to go through it in detail. So experienced researchers might take 15 minutes while researchers who are completely new to biobanking might choose to take up to three hours. You can also complete it in stages and come back to it.