Bristol Biobank, United Kingdom

Registration Status: Pending

Objective: The Bristol Biobank (funded by the David Telling Charitable Trust with stakeholders from the University of Bristol and University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) stores samples collected from patients and healthy volunteers for use in biomedical research. The samples form a biorepository to which researchers in Bristol and beyond can apply for use in their research. The collection of a wide range of samples will provide a platform for research into complex conditions.

Registered Biobank Name Bristol Biobank
Biobank Leader Dr Claire Matthews
Country United Kingdom
Email for biobank inquiries
Principal Investigator Dr Susan Ring
User Type
  • Mono: A biobank that supports a specific research project, may have few staff members, a small-scale accrual scope with little to no initial intention of releasing or distributing biospecimens to secondary parties
  • Oligo: A biobank that supports several research groups or clinical trials, may or may not be designed to release biospecimens outside their collaborative group
  • Poly: A biobank that has generally a larger accrual scope, resources, and multiple users outside the biobank proper
Poly - Collection aimed at supporting undetermined, multiple users with ethics approved research projects, through a defined access/application mechanism.
Biospecimen Collected: