Document Templates

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Biobank Start-up
  • Biobank Protocol Template
  • Biobank Start Up Costing List

  • Biobank Governance Checklist Example
  • Biobank Governance Chart Fillable Template

Access and Release
  • Universal Biobanking Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Form
  • How to Send Biospecimens on Dry Ice
  • How to De-identify or Anonymize Personal Info

Privacy and Security
  • Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement Template
  • Destruction of Data and Samples Checklist

Facility Design
  • Emergency Response Freezer Breakdown Template
  • Biobank Space and Storage Requirements List

Quality Management
  • SOP Template
  • Policy Template

Staff Training and Education
  • Biobank Personnel Responsibilities Log
  • Biobank Personnel Training Log

Recruitment and Consent
  • Universal Biobanking Consent Form
  • Example of a Consent Script
  • Biobank Initial Contact Letter Template
  • Recruitment Pamphlet Example
  • Recruitment Poster Example 1
  • Recruitment Poster Example 2
  • Recruitment Requirement Background

Patient Enrollment / Permission to Contact (PTC)
  • NEW PTC Tool Kit NEW View Table of Contents
  • PTC Form Template
  • PTC Patient Data Form
  • PTC Platform Monitoring Worksheet
  • PTC Protocol Template
  • PTC Researcher Access Process Map
  • PTC Personnel Responsibilities Process Map
  • PTC Standard Data Elements

Biospecimen Collection and Processing
  • Tissue Biospecimen Collection Process Map
  • Blood Collection Process Map
  • Blood Collection Storage Form
  • Fresh Tissue Collection Storage Form

Biospecimen Storage
  • Freezer Map Template

Storage Equipment
  • Equipment Maintenance Log Example