Advances in health care require increased and more efficient enrollment of patients into clinical research, maximizing patients’ participation in the research process, and better integrating research into clinical care. A major challenge for all clinical research (which includes biobanking) is the ability to identify and efficiently approach the appropriate patients and obtain consent for collection of biospecimens and health data.

The BRC is working on ways to improve patient recruitment for all clinical research through Permission to Contact (PTC) programs. Such programs also allow all patients to make an active decision about their willingness to be approached for research and also offer the opportunity to inform and engage the public in general about the role of research and its importance to the healthcare system.

Learn More about the Permission to Contact Platform

More details about the Permission to Contact Platform including the strategy behind it, the process involved, and how to setup a PTC are available through the link below.

The PTC Tool Kit is now available!

Recently in partnership with Network of Networks (N2), we have developed a PTC Tool Kit to enable organizations across Canada to efficiently implement the PTC Platform, and to begin setting a national standard for the key elements of PTC. This tool kit has been developed to provide practical "how to" information and resources for individuals interested in setting up a PTC program within their organization. The in-depth downloadable PDF document contains information on budget considerations, stakeholder engagement, data management, and a strategy checklist.

The Tool Kit table of contents can be viewed here and the full Tool Kit is available for members of the BRC or N2.

If you are a member of N2, log in to N2 to access the Tool Kit. For information on how to become a member of N2, contact n2@n2canada.ca

If you are already a member of the BRC, Log In and download the PTC Tool Kit under Documentation Templates under My Dashboard.

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