Standard Operating Procedure Templates

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When adopting SOPs please reference the original CTRNet SOP under section 3.0: REFERENCE TO OTHER CTRNET SOPS OR POLICIES.
1.0 Administration English Français
01.001 Obtaining Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements e2.0 f2.0
01.004 Handling Participant (Donor) Complaints e2.0 f2.0
01.005 Administration of Standard Operating Procedures e2.1 f2.1
01.006 Job Descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities e2.0 f2.0
01.007 Legacy Planning e2.0
01.008 Absorption of Legacy Materials e2.0
2.0 Participant and Recruitment Management English Français
02.001 Participant Recruitment into Tumour Bank Program e2.0 f2.0
02.002 Developing and Revising Consent Forms e2.0 f2.0
02.003 Requesting Additional Survey Information e2.0 f2.0
02.005 Obtaining Informed Consent e2.1 f2.1
02.006 Withdrawal of Consent e2.0 f2.0
02.007 Notification of Significant and Relevant Findings e2.0 f2.0
3.0 Records and Documentation Management English Français
03.001 Information Access Control e2.0 f2.0
03.002 Database Backup Systems e2.0 f2.0
03.003 Data Tranmission to CTRNet e2.0 f2.0
03.004 Clinical Annotation e2.0 f2.0
03.008 Document Maintenance e2.0 f2.0
4.0 Facilities Management / Operation English Français
04.001 Physical Security at Tumour Bank Facilities e2.0 f2.0
04.004 Emergency Procedure for Freezer and Refrigerator Failure e2.0 f2.0
04.006 Maintenance of Sample Storage Facility and Equipment e2.0 f2.0
5.0 Quality Assurance Procedures English Français
05.001 Assessing Quality of Tissue Specimens e2.0 f2.0
05.002 Assessing Quality of Nucleic Acids e2.0 f2.0
6.0 Safety English Français
06.002 Handling Hazardous Chemical Waste e2.0 f2.0
06.003 Immunization and Personnel Accident Reporting e2.0 f2.0
7.0 Training English Français
07.001 Education and Training e2.0 f2.0
8.0 Materials Handling and Documentation English Français
08.01.001 Labeling and Tracking Materials e2.0 f2.0
08.01.002 Biohazardous Waste Management e2.0 f2.0
08.01.003 Inventory Verification e2.0 f2.0
08.02.001 Blood Collection e2.0 f2.0
08.02.002 Blood Processing and Storage e2.0 f2.0
08.02.003 Blood Derivatives: Extraction of RNA e2.0 f2.0
08.02.004 Blood Derivatives: Extraction of DNA e2.0 f2.0
08.02.005 DNA Extraction from Blood e2.0 f2.0
08.03.001 Tissue Collection and Transportation e2.0 f2.0
08.03.002 Tissue Harvesting e2.0 f2.0
08.03.003 Snap Freezing of Tissue e2.0 f2.0
08.03.004 Freezing of Tissue OCT e2.0 f2.0
08.03.005 Preservation of Tissue by FFPE e2.0 f2.0
08.03.006 Sectioning of tissue - Paraffin and OCT Embedded Tissue e2.0 f2.0
08.03.007 H & E Staining of Tissue Sections e2.0 f2.0
08.03.008 Tissue Derivatives - Extraction of DNA e2.0 f2.0
08.03.009 Tissue Derivatives - Extraction of RNA e2.0 f2.0
08.03.010 TMAs from Paraffin Embedded Blocks e2.0 f2.0
08.03.011 Sample Retrieval e2.0 f2.0
9.0 Material Release English Français
09.001 Sample Shipping and Transportation e2.1 f2.1
09.002 Completion of an MTA e2.0 f2.0
09.004 Material Request and Release e2.0 f2.0
09.005 Return of Biospecimens for Clinical Purposes e1.0 f1.0