Other Resources

  1. Pathology Research Support Certificate Program
    This program you will get an overview of the key issues that are relevant for diagnostic pathology and lab medicine departments when providing support for research involving biobanking. You will first be provided with an overview of research biobanking to provide context and then you will be provided with the key information about the decisions and processes involved in providing support for research involving biobanking.
  2. Biospecimen Navigator Platform
    Biospecimen Navigator Platform (BNP). Our goal is to help you acquire the biospecimens that you need for your research given the details of your research study and also your own research program and interests. You will first be asked to complete a profile page which is specific to the study that you are planning or currently conducting.
  3. NSW Biobank Certification Program
    The NSW Health Statewide Biobanking Framework aims to create a world-class, sustainable approach to managing human biobanks, the specimens they house and improve integration between research, diagnostics and clinical care. NSW Biobank Certification Program forms part of this framework.
  4. Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN)
    This pan-Canadian network aims to improve recruitment and the efficiency and quality of academic cancer clinical trials in Canada. 3CTN has collaborated with CTRNet to assist sites in assessing their biospecimen collection practices and making education and support available where required.
  5. The BRISQ Report
    An online biospecimen data reporting tool that aids biobanks in capturing biospecimen information to be released and distributed to researchers.
  6. Biobank Information Management System (Advanced Tissue Management)
    ATiM was designed and developed by the Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet) in conjunction with leading Canadian tissue banks specifically for the operation of biobanks.
  7. Other International Biobank Resources
    A list of international online resources which can help you identify biobanks with biospecimens available.