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What is the process?

Registration: The first phase of the program. The goal of this phase is to collect basic information about the biobank and complete an introductory education course that covers all the aspects of biobanking.

The Biobank Team Leader (e.g. the principal investigator, manager, or most responsible person):

  1. Creates an account and completes the Registration Form.
  2. Completes the online introductory overview education module Overview of Research Biobanking.
  3. Receives the record of registration and education module completion report.
  4. Shares the best practice standards documents with their biobank members.

The estimated time to completion is 2 - 3 hours.

Certification: The second phase of the program. The goals of this phase are to provide additional education modules based on the biobank type and confirm the biobank has key documents to determine if the biobank has adapted to best practice standards.

The Biobank Team Leader:
  1. Invites their biobank team members to create accounts.
  2. Assigns additional required education modules to biobank team members and completes required modules.
  3. Completes a checklist of existing key biobank documentation.
  4. Uploads documents for review by the Biobank Certification Officer.
  5. Submits the biobank's Declaration of Compliance with best practices.
  6. Receives a completion of certification and education module completion reports.

The effort required to complete certification will vary depending on the biobank operational complexity and number of personnel. Most biobanks will require 12 hours over one to three months of intermittent activity spread between various personnel.

How long is Certification valid? Certification is valid for a maximum of five years.