Sheila O'Donoghue, RN BPHE

Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) Leader

SHEILA O'DONOGHUE is the Leader of the Biobanking and Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) unit at BC Cancer and is also responsible for the national Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet) biobank certification and education programs. She is a member of the BC Cancer Research Ethics Board. Prior to her current roles, she was the project manager for the BC BioLibrary and spent fifteen plus years managing national and local clinical research trials. She is the past Chair of the Education and Training Committee of the International Biobanking Society (ISBER).

Simon Dee

Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) IT Manager

SIMON DEE leads and maintains multiple application platforms relevant to the services and activities of the BBRS. He has over 15 years experience in understanding, building, and maintaining novel custom web-based applications and services for health researchers. These include the internationally recognized Biobank Resource Center and applications relevant to providing cutting edge biobanking solutions for cancer research including applications for maintenance and linkage of biospecimen and data inventories.

Tamsin Tarling

Project Manager, Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) and Program Leader, CTRNet

TAMSIN TARLING is a Project Manager for BBRS and has worked in the field of biobanking since 2011. Tamsin has extensive experience establishing biobanks, both disease specific biobanks and campus wide hospital biobanks. Tamsin’s experience encompasses all aspects of biobanking including the consent of patients, specimen collection, management of SOPs and ensuring good governance over the collection, storage and distribution of specimens. In addition, Tamsin has done a significant amount of work in regard to biobank standards, biobank audits and biobank legacy projects. Tamsin is chair of the ISBER Education and Training Committee and the CTRNet Program Leader.

Sindy Babinszky, BSc

Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) Biospecimen Lead

SINDY BABINSZKY is the lead biospecimen technician in the Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services program at BC Cancer, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) in British Columbia. She has over 25 years of laboratory experience and facility management, relevant to plant and animal tissue culture for research and working with human tissues in the context of cancer research biobanking. Her position encompasses all aspects of biobanking from biospecimen accrual, processing, and storage, to managing appropriate access and distribution of biospecimens to the translational research community. Her expertise in hands-on biobanking informs her many contributions to BBRS projects.

Jodi Leblanc, RN BN

Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) Project Nurse

JODI LEBLANC is the Consent Nurse for the Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) at BC Cancer. She has previously gained broad experience in patient care, working as an oncology and general surgery nurse in Canada and the US. She is the principal liaison between the clinical, research and the biobanking communities, and leads all BBRS activities and projects involving organizational, operational, and ethics aspects of participant involvement in biobanking.

Kate Lawrence, BSc

Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) Research Assistant II

KATE LAWRENCE joined the team as a Research Assistant for the Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS). She is involved in various aspects of the biobanking process, including accrual and processing of biospecimens and daily BBRS operations. Kate obtained her BSc in biochemistry from the University of Victoria and spent two years after in the Reynolds laboratory as a Research Technician studying immunology and parasitology.

Nicolas Luc

ATiM Project Leader

NICOLAS LUC joined (CTRNet) in 2007. As the ATiM Project Leader he identifies, analyzes, prioritizes and controls new requirements and change requests for ATiM based on the business needs and the comments of network biobank experts. He is also in charge of ongoing functional analysis and consolidating and communicating information to the developers.

In addition, Nicolas works actively with network biobanks as an ATiM software consultant. He analyses the gaps between the ATiM core version and specific biobank requirements, designs custom solutions, customizes the ATiM source code, deploys the customized versions and offers training and support to bank users.

Nicolas has also worked for 6 years on software development both for biomedical research and clinical research. Nicolas holds a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics.

Manon de Ladurantaye

Research Assistant

MANON DE LADURANTAYE de Ladurantaye is a research assistant in Dr Mes-Masson’s laboratory at the Montreal Cancer Institute and the University of Montreal Research Center (CRCHUM). She performs quality control for CTRNet member banks and large scale projects such as the Terry Fox Research Institute pan Canadian COEUR Initiative. She oversees reception, shipment, storage, inventory, coordination and communication of results with other centers to help them improve the quality of banked samples. She is also the CTRNet French Certification Coordinator. In the Biobank Certification Program, she provides information, support and adjudicates the registration and certification of French language biobanks.