OMiCS - Optimizing Movement in Children Study, Canada

Registration Status: Completed

Objective: With the Optimizing Movement in Children Study (OMiCS) we investigate the effects of physical activity on the proteome, metabolome, and microbiome in 8-10 year old children of varying physical activity levels. For this cross-sectional study, children's physical activity levels are assessed with accelerometers. Traditional health measures include: anthropometrics (height, weight, waist circumference), spirometry, resting heart rate and blood pressure. Furthermore, we assess cortisol levels in hair, and telomere length. Other assessed measures include: sleep, sedentary time, and socioemotional health assessments as they pertain to physical activity. Blood serum, plasma, and mRNA are biobanked for this study.

Registered Biobank Name OMiCS - Optimizing Movement in Children Study
Biobank Leader Sarah Koch
Country Canada
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Principal Investigator Dr. Eli Puterman
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