Integrative determinants of oxygen uptake and biomolecular markers of exercise training, Canada

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Objective: Physical activity is a necessity for healthy living. Essential to this is the assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness by measuring maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). While classically thought to be determined by oxygen delivery, the mitochondrial contribution is not fully determined. Moreover, changes in VO2max vary substantially. A greater understanding of this variation may be achieved by a systems biology approach characterizing the biomolecular response to exercise (“the exercise responsome”). Given the “drug-like” effects of molecules secreted by muscle during exercise, characterizing the exercise responsome can highlight exercises dosages that optimize circulating biomolecular levels, adaptations to training, and health benefits of exercise. Thus, arterial and venous blood samples collected before, during, and after exercise will be biobanked for future analysis of important proteins and metabolites that comprise the exercise responsome.

Registered Biobank Name Integrative determinants of oxygen uptake and biomolecular markers of exercise training
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