Uncovering mechanisms of resistance to CDK inhibition in breast cancer., Canada

Registration Status: Completed

Objective: We will obtain breast cancer tumor specimens from various subtypes of breast cancer from patients undergoing routine surgery as part of their standard of care. Tissue will primarily be used for ex vivo analyses in support of a study examining the efficacy of combination treatment with CDK4/6 and FAK inhibitors. The primary objectives of the study are: • Determine the basal activity of FAK in patient tumor tissue ex vivo and correlate it with response to CDK4/6 inhibitor treatment. • Determine the ability of the combination treatment with CDK4/6 and FAK inhibitors to more effectively inhibit tumor viability ex vivo than either drug alone. • Validate ex vivo findings of effective combination treatments in patient-derived xenograft preclinical animal models.

Registered Biobank Name Uncovering mechanisms of resistance to CDK inhibition in breast cancer.
Biobank Leader Christina Addison
Country Canada
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Principal Investigator Christina Addison
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