Registration Status: Completed

Objective: The purpose of this registry is to try to better understand COVID-19 and other new respiratory infections by collecting blood and clinical data. The clinical data will be used to investigate long-term effects of COVID-19 on the health of patients previously infected. The blood samples are collected to find markers associated with COVID-19, such as DNA/RNA and proteins and for other genetic testing.

Registered Biobank Name ARBS CORONA II
Biobank Leader Puneet Mann
Country Canada
Email for biobank inquiries
Principal Investigator Dr Jim Russell
User Type
  • Mono: A biobank that supports a specific research project, may have few staff members, a small-scale accrual scope with little to no initial intention of releasing or distributing biospecimens to secondary parties
  • Oligo: A biobank that supports several research groups or clinical trials, may or may not be designed to release biospecimens outside their collaborative group
  • Poly: A biobank that has generally a larger accrual scope, resources, and multiple users outside the biobank proper
Biospecimen Collected: