Interdisciplinary Health Research Team in Musculoskeletal Neoplasia, Canada

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Objective: Interdisciplinary Health Research Team (IHRT) in Musculoskeletal (MSK) Neoplasia is the result of a unique collaboration between clinicians and basic scientists who represent a comprehensive cross-section of geographic and professional constituencies. The health issues under investigation in the application are the pathogenesis, treatment and treatment-related morbidity of primary malignant tumours (sarcomas) of the bones and soft tissues and the benign lesions that are often associated with sarcoma. These diseases affect up to 2% of Canadians1 and represent an important health issue.

Registered Biobank Name Interdisciplinary Health Research Team in Musculoskeletal Neoplasia
Biobank Leader Co-Investigators: Dr. Jay Wunder, Dr. Rita Kandel, Dr. Irene Andrulis, Dr. Aileen Davis, Dr. Richard Hill, Dr. David Malkin, Dr. Ben Alman; Associate: Dr. Robert Turcotte, Dr. Bas Masri, Dr. Brian O’Sullivan, Dr. Joel Werier, Dr. Marc Isler
Country Canada
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Principal Investigator Dr. Robert S. Bell, Department of Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospital
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