Canadian Academic Options

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Annual Rates $ $/year
User Single User Single User Biobank Leader Biobank Leaders+Team
- Module 1: Overview of Research Biobanking
- Module 2 - 9
- Biobank Registration
- Biobank Locator listing
- Biobank Certification
Documents & Templates
- Standard Operating Procedures
- Document Templates
- PTC Tool Kit
- Business Plan Template
- Biospecimen Reporting Tool
- Biospecimen User Fee Calculator

Additional resources available upon request

Institutions or networks with multiple biobanks

If you are working within an institution or network and plan to certify multiple biobanks please click the link below to contact us to discuss pricing options.

Consulting on the topics below

  • Ethics and regulatory application preparation
  • Budget proposals and business planning
  • Patient engagement strategies
  • Advice on biospecimen processing, management, storage and retrieval infrastructure
  • Advice on facilities design and management
  • Advice on initiating/set up or maintaining a biobank
  • Customization of the Biobank Inventory Database (ATiM) or Permission to Contact database